Project indexing

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The most of advanced code editors (IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, etc...) index a full project structure giving us abilities to:

- go to a file where declaration of current variable, constant or other entity is declared  Goto Declaration 
- include variables and/or files at certain points of code by auto-completing the variables/entities/filenames with paths  Project-Wide Auto Completion 
- all other advantages of project indexing go here...

And it could be optional so that "Goto Declaration" and "Project-Wide Auto Completion" can look within indices, within files by performing standard search, or be completely turned off.

Vote if you find it useful.
It would be nice to navigate to function/method declaration by holding Cmd+Left mouseclick on a function name, like in Netbeans
Although adding this feature will make sublime less 'lightweight', not having this is a deal breaker for large commercial projects. I was really excited about this editor until I realized this feature is not available.
I would LOVE for this to be implemented. I just use Ctrl+R to see a list of all functions in a given file, but being able to navigate to the declaration would be a major plus. I have developers here unwilling to move to ST2 because of that one feature not being available. This request definitely gets my vote.
I also find myself unwilling to switch to sublime text 2 from my current eclipse+pydev setup due to the lack of this feature.
I have recently discovered the SublimeCodeIntel plugin which provides a basic level of project indexing, project-wide auto completion, and "goto declaration" functionality. Works great. https://github.com/Kronuz/SublimeCodeIntel/blob/master/README.rst

I also highly recommend the SublimeLinter plugin which provides realtime code error analysis like many of the full fledged IDEs. https://github.com/Kronuz/SublimeLinter/blob/master/README.rst
CodeIntel autocomplete works very well, I was impressed with it, however it lacks the single feature that keeps me using eclipse.

I want to press CTRL+R (@<search> syntax), start typing a name of a function/class and have it take me to that file at the declaration point.

I'd love to have this, but would dislike it being in sublime itself, as opposed to a plugin, unless it was super quick. Sublime is fantastic being lightweight, and I'd hate it to get bloated, otherwise it will just end up like Komodo, Netbeans or Eclipse.
Yes, I'd like to see it as a plugin only.
I agree it makes sense to modularize the app such that people can install/use only those components they need, instead of bogging the whole thing down into a monolithic behemoth. But, I think sublime needs a better built in package tool that will fetch lists of available plugin and install/remove them with a single click. Take a look at NuGet for VS to see a good example.
There is a "package control" plugin, but it is not obvious how to use it.

The tutorial below mentions how to install and use it


A unified plugin to handle C/C++ as well as the languages that  SublimeCodeIntel  handles would be nice.

Another useful plugin is the CTags plugin.  It requires a lengthy tag generation cycle (particularly if the code resides on a network share.)  But, once generated, navigating the C code is quick.  It is in the package manager.  More info here:



Features like this are best left to plugins. In my darker moments I want stuff like this, but then I remember that it makes me a lazy programmer, and it adds bloat to an otherwise, err...sublime...tool.

I don't want sublimetext to ever tell me how my code works, because
A) it doesn't know

B) I should be able to figure that out, or else what the hell am I doing?

On the other hand, I want to be able to run this program everywhere I need to, which means not having it manage gigantic amounts of superfluous information.