Windows and Tab Management

park woojae 8 år siden 0
first one is a kind of bug and second one is kind of suggestion.

1. Tabs can't move out of windows, well.

when I move tabs out of main window(move tab to below), it's getting unvisiable. on task bar there are two windows, but second(new) window cannot be seen. but when I move tab to upper little bit and wait and release the mouse button, it works as expected.

I am using windows 7.

2. Tabs state saving like chrome browser.

When you open two chrom browser windows, it can have many tabs on each window and it saves state of each tabs on window. when I close one window, I could reopen window from recent closed tabs even if it has multiple tabs. it's not just recent file saving, it saves tabs on recent windows. I hope sublime text2 would be save this states too.

Thank you for all the great works. 

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