an auto-populated list of include files within script

Jay Taylor 9 years ago updated by Nicholas Riley 8 years ago 1

The one feature I've failed to find in an IDE outside of Dreamweaver code view is simple sub-menu tabs for 'include' files within the open script. Its such a handy feature for jumping between associated files. I can even put an include statement within comments and it will appear on the sub-menu. And by right clicking on one of the menu items you can open it as a separate file if you so wish. great feature in my eyes.

Heres an image of what I mean...

dreamweaver sub-menu

You can see 'source code' is the file you are currently working on and the others listed next to it are linked to it within the file in some way. That could be an include statement, js file, css file....

A simple way to implement this would be a filtered version of "goto anything", that way you could either browse or open the files with a couple keystrokes.