Provide convenient shortcuts for AZERTY keyboards

محمد أسامة بلعطار 8 years ago updated by Emmanuel Joubaud 8 years ago 1

USA keybindings are a pain to use in azerty keyboards. User should have the option to switch between the two.

I am a new user but also feel the need for AZERTY shortcuts (for example AZERTY cancel is QWERTY save, rather boring).

I have put together some Azerty-friendly shortcuts, to paste in "Preferences > Key Bindings - User". Made it available on http://www.stacking-xp.net/azerty-friendly-shortcuts-for-sublime-text-2/

For now it handles number and square-brackets shortcuts, as well as console toggling, and is only tested on Mac Azerty keyboard, but it might evolve over time. Let me know if you have suggestions in comments on the blog post.