Magnifying the minimap

Armand Rochette 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1
It would be cool to get a little little magnifying effect when the mouse is over the minimap.

The idea I have in mind which is sorta the same than my request is available on iPad.
For instance when you want to edit a URL in the address bar in Safari iOS you just have to hold your finger on half a second on it and then a little glass will pop up and magnify the area around your finger in order to allow you to be more accurate during selection.

Here it will be very helpful in the context of a research for example. At the moment search's results are somehow highlighted in the minimap but you still have to scroll everything up and down to actually see what's behind the "spot". Here as a use-case you'd just have to put your mouse over the tiny highlighted spot and you'll be able to see what has been found without losing your current view displayed in the text view.

Hope to be helpful!