Dragging dividers that push another divider

Gwho Own 7 years ago 0
When you divide your screen into 3 or more areas (columns or rows), and you try to drag one divider (that is between the 1st and 2nd text areas), and drag it, you can't move it past where the 2nd divider (the one that's between the 2nd and 3rd text areas).

You end up having to stop dragging the first divider, drag the 2nd divider to allow more space for the 1st divider, and then drag the 1st divider some more.

This would all be much nicer if when the first divider meets the 2nd divider, that it would push the 2nd divider depending on how far you drag the 1st divider. It would "push" the other dividers. This would streamline the window resizing process when having more than 2 sub-areas.