Microsoft Word Auto Correct

doctorguile 8 years ago 0

i use sublime for both code and prose.

i love microsoft word's auto correct feature, although it sucks as a general editor.

basically if you have been typing a lot you might develop carpal tunnel. and when writing documents or emails, microsoft's auto correct saves you from using the shift key to capitalize the first word and you dont have to type a lot of punctuation except commas and fullstops. 

for example, if you type this in word

i dont have a lot to say about taht, but waht you said is ok.

you get

I don’t have a lot to say about that, but what you said is ok.

it does a fine job of saving you from pressing the stressful keys and also correct a lot of common errors when you're typing fast.

you can also easily export the auto correction list from word

if this can be done in a package, it would be okay as well.