Don't open new tabs when I disable the tab bar -- open new files in separate windows instead then.

Radomir Dopieralski 8 years ago 0
I hate tabs, my preferred mode of using a text editor is to open a separate window for every file I work with, and place it in a different place on the screen -- then I can easily switch between them by remembering where each one of them is. This is much more convenient to me than using a linear list of tabs or a source tree, and seeing only one file at a time.

Sublime Text 2 lets me disable the tab bar, but that only hides it -- the editor still happily opens new files in new tabs, so disabling the tab bar only makes using the editor much harder and has no positive effect. That option would be much more useful if it actually disabled tabs, making all the files open in separate windows -- possibly also making already open tabs pop up in new windows (and merge back as they were when the option is disabled).