Bug with Find/Replace

Brian Ruff 12 year бұрын updated by Brent Lewis 8 year бұрын 2
Here's a BUG I found with Find/Replace:

1. Open a document, and click on "Find & Replace"

2. Type in your "find" text in the top panel, and "replace" text in the bottom panel. 

3. Click on "Replace" (not "Replace All"). 

4. Get frustrated that it doesn't work and open up another program to complete task.

Specifically what's not working? Have you perhaps enabled regex mode but wanted a regular search? Or have you selected to only search the selection, not the whole file?

The "Whole Word" search seems very unreliable when leading whitespace is involved. Make a document reading:

a a
a a

(Two lines, A space A on each) Menu > Replace...

Enable "Whole Word" and enter " a" (a space followed by an A) and set the replacement string to "b". Click find and see that the first " a" is highlighted, but clicking replace has no effect. What's more, a document with only " a" will not have " a" found in it when Whole Word is enabled. The status bar shows:

Unable to find \b a\b

Indeed, \b does not seem to match ^ in regex