Bundle a separate application for previewing files as HTML

Axel Rauschmayer 12 years ago updated by Krzysztof Kotlarski 12 years ago 3

There seems to be an aversion to putting too much functionality into Sublime. Then how about a separate application? It would show a single browser window and watch a directory. You would be able to configure what files are watched and how they are converted to HTML. It should be possible to optionally make that conversion without creating files, by writing to stdout.
Example configurations:

  • HTML: Watch all .html and .css files. If one of them changes, reload the browser window.
  • AsciiDoc: Watch all .asc files. If one of them changes, convert it to an HTML file and reload the browser window.
  • Markdown: Watch all .md, .mdown and .markdown files. If one of them changes, translate it to HTML and pipe the result to the browser window.

Additionally, it would be nice if one could jump from the HTML to the corresponding location in the source file. LaTeX does that for PDF files, via SyncTeX [1]. Does not seem easy to implement, but incredibly useful.

[1] http://mactex-wiki.tug.org/wiki/index.php/SyncTeX