Find and Replace (Ctrl+H) with one line selected should activate "In selection" option

Mikel Ward 8 years ago updated by Keith Hall 8 years ago 1
When I use Replace... with a single line selected, it replaces all matches in the file rather than all matches on the current line by default.

Steps to reproduce:

Given this text:


Move the cursor to the line containing "foo", press Home, Shift+End, press Ctrl+H, type "foo" in the Find What box, type "bar" in the Replace With box, then click Replace All.

foo -> bar

foo -> bar
food -> bard

Looks like "In selection" is only automatically set if selection is longer than one line.  I think it should be set any time there's a selection, including when I've only selected the current line.

Build 2181 on Linux
I agree with you, same happens on the Windows build 2181