Allow tabs to be placed at the bottom

Heracles Papatheodorou hace 8 años actualizado por Fabien LEGE - Agence ho5 hace 3 años 3

It would be great if there was an option for file tabs to be placed at the bottom (or perhaps left / right too) of the window. The current paradigm of browsers prefers tabs on the top, but if your taskbar is at the bottom, it makes more sense for them to be closer to it. Opera has allowed such functionality for eons.

Congrats on your otherwise great product; I love the code "bird's eye"!


I very much agree with this suggestion.

The user experience with tabs on top, especially in full screen, is poor. In full screen one must move the mouse to the top of the screen to click a tab, yet one cannot have the mouse reach the edge because that triggers the Mac menu, which menu prevents seeing or clicking on the tabs. One must wait a second for the Mac menu animation and for the menu to disappear. From time to time the Mac menu gets "stuck", and one has to leave and re-enter full screen to see tabs. The precision necessary to hover and click the tabs in this scenario takes extra cognitive attention and tactile care - particularly challenging for people with e.g. Parkinsons, which attention and care would be rendered entirely unnecessary if the tabs could be placed at the bottom.

All to say: In the case of full screen, this is a particularly important consideration.

Yes, please! I have a single monitor MacBook Pro 13" and every time I get a notification, it obscures a good few tabs. And you can't move the position of the notification. Not keen on tabs at the bottom, but I'd get used to it.. Lesser of two evils - turn off notifications or tabs at bottom:)

No news for this idea ? tabs on tabs are very very blocking if you using Sublime Text in full screen mode on Mac OSX because, on Mac OS, In full screen mode, if you place your cursor on the top of the screen, System menu bar appear and hide Sublime Text tabs. See my screenshot : when I try to change tab with my mouse :