Built-in diff for files

otakustay 13 years ago updated by 杨维杰 11 years ago 10
Is it possible that Sublime provides a built-in diff functionality like vimdiff, which takes 2 files, open in a two-column layout, and gives a side-by-side diff view(not the .diff output)
Very cool fature, like notepad++ have the file compare is the same :)
This feature is incredibly useful, I still need to fall back to vim for large code merges and conflicts resolution
I used TextMate's Diff tools all the time. One thing I particularly liked was that you could diff the contents of two tabs, or even one tab with the clipboard, so you don't need to save them as files first. 

It's a very handy way to diff a couple of web pages when you can view source, copy and paste into a new tab. View source on the other page and hit the Diff with clipboard command. Boom.
I too would love this. It would make working with git really painless.
This should be a priority
+1.. same here: diffing a lot in jEdit.. one of the reasons i'm still with that ugly b*tch of an editor.. ;) 

The only reason why i keep PSPad...

This is a feature I would love to see added. I'm not an expert on diff tools, but I use WinMerge quite a bit - a compromise between its features and ST's design philosophies would be really nice to see.

I think it's important to keep ST as feature-minimal as possible, but if notepad++ has a built-in diff tool I think it's okay to add one ..

I'd like to have this func as well. I used to use vim to do the same and it's very helpful

Suport Ui like netbeans' file compare 's style best.