mainframe editing support

lionel delbé 8 years ago updated by Stephen Gennard 7 years ago 1

Main Idea : full support of Cobol, jcl and sql (DB2) in sublime Text2

In the day i'm a cobol developper, but the rest of the time i'm more a Java/groovy developper and fan. Entreprise went fast developping but the tool cobol developper are using a 30 to 40 years old.

For 7years of dev, i went to terminal editor to Ultraedit and now the Cobol-IT plugin for eclipse.

I've discovered what sublimeText 2 can do so it will be so great to bring those amazing tool to my cobol fellows.

We have to make this possible. I can help if you need

It is now available.. search for the COBOL plugin... have fun and please feel free to email with ideas/bugs etc on mailto:stephen@gennard.net