When having the "Open Files" section shown, the tab bar has GUI glitches

Andrei-Ionut Balcanasu 7 years ago 0

I enabled "Open Files" (from View > Side Bar > Show Open Files) and I started to have GUI glitches in the file tab area:

  • While switching between files using the keyboard the current file wasn't highlighted properly, like leaving the previous one highlighted
  • after a few minutes and files switched I would end up with something like this: http://d.pr/i/rbQW
  • Changing the Layout will create other glitches and inconsistencies like overlapping file tabs: http://d.pr/i/vxVT
  • The "go to anything" panel has transparent margins: http://d.pr/i/3qtN  If I call the panel from the sublime preference file it is shown correctly 

Notes: Disabling the theme does not help.

By hiding the "Open Files" section in the sidebar and restarting the app (once or twice) these problems don't appear.