Javadoc-style popup on hover

Jonathon Freeman 7 years ago 0

If this is already available, or already in the works, or available with a 3rd-party plugin please forgive me and let me know where I can find it. I've installed the DocBlockr and SublimeCodeIntel plugins, but those don't seem to provide this functionality.

Anyway... pretty much all "real" IDEs allow you to hover over an identifier in a source file and a hover dialog will popup that shows the parsed/formatted Javadoc-style documentation for that identifier, whether that doc comes from an external source (such as a JAR or a website) or if it's provided inline within the file itself.

I'm mostly interested in being able to hover over a method in PHP that has PHPDoc written inline directly above, and seeing the parsed/formatted documentation for that method.

I understand grabbing the Javadoc/PHPDoc/etc. for 3rd-party code could be a logistical nightmare and wouldn't be very trivial to implement, but I think if the Javadoc/PHPDoc/etc. is already written inline within the file that is currently open it wouldn't be too hard to parse that Javadoc-style comment and produce a hover popup window with formatted documentation. Maybe I'm wrong...

Thanks, and keep up the great work!