Custom auto-closing

Z . hace 8 años actualizado por Sean Swezey hace 8 años 1
Can we write custom auto-close pairs? Currently it's like
{'[':']', '{':'}', '(':')', '"':'"', "'":"'"}

and maybe some others, and you can either enable everything or disable everything. I like most of them, but when I do clojure work, ' isn't a closeable thing, and it would be really nice to disable just that.

I agree with this, especially in a syntax specific manner. Currently I have to change the default keymap to prevent this from happening in Clojure. In line 304 (for auto-match single quotes), you can see the settings you have to change. Adding

{ "key": "selector", "operator": "not_equal", "operand": "source.clojure" },

to this and the following few is necessary to prevent this.