Build without saving

.:. brainsik 13 years ago updated by Ian Goodrich 12 years ago 3
I often use TextMate to write a quick Python script, run it, collect the output, and throw it away. In these cases, I never save the file. However, in Sublime Text 2 I have to save the file before I can run the Build command. It would be great if it automatically created a tmpfile for untitled/unsaved docs and ran the Build command on that.
I've switched to Sublime completely, except for this. Whenever I just want to quickly sketch some ruby code and see how something reacts, I have to start TextMate. I already tried to build a build system that acts like that myself, but AFAIK the build system only receives the filename when invoked, which is empty for an unsaved file. Receiving/being able to access the file content would be great.
I am also using the scripting functions from textmate for doing administrative tasks i only have to do once. So it would be very nice to have a function to build with temp files...