Color Labels for Project Folders

Johannes Brückner 8 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Nano Zone 4 jaar geleden 1
When working with two main directories in a project (i.e. a dev and a live version of a project), it would be great to be able to add color-labels to the main folders that also apply to all opened tabs. That would greatly help working with files that share the same name but reside in different root folders.

So lets say you need to apply some changes of your dev-versions' screen.css to the screen.css on your live-server and you applied the colors blue (dev) and green (live) to the root-folders. Your tabs would show the colored labels infront of the filename, or the file-names themselves would be colored like the respective label.

That would make it easier to keep an overview, rather than the text-based solution right now.

or some kind like , when open files, the opened files will change the color in folder list, that make a lot easier.