Quotation autocomplete should not be on by default

uid 7 years ago 0

In most languages, it is hard enough to properly escape strings as it is. It rarely helps for a text editor to insert extra quotes. 

If I place my cursor at the end of this string and tap a single quote:

"did he fire six shots\"or'only five'\""

...it is aggravating to suddenly see:

"did he fire six shots\"or'only five'\""''

It is a severe enough issue that I often edit complex strings outside of Sublime, because this "help" of throwing in single or double-quotes just means "now I have two problems" When you're starting at a line with a dozen quotation marks it's not so easy to discern whether Sublime added one of them.

To be clear, I'm not referring to the behaviour where start and end quotes are added to currently selected text - *that* feature makes much more sense than deleting the selected string. What does not make sense is to add two quotes to the *end of a line* when I only typed one - that has helped me exactly *never* times.

Like a doctor, Sublime should "do no evil" and quietly slipping in a quotation mark when I'm not looking just makes my code buggy. It's frustrating behaviour for an otherwise excellently designed program :)