Folding Improvements

Илья Веселов 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0
I really like the Sublime Text 2, but I'm still hesitant to switch from jEdit because of folding functionality - it's still very basic.

Things that I really want to be implemented/fixed:
1) option for folding of code blocks, depending on syntax
2) unfolding the node should unfold only one level deep (separate command to unfold everything in this node)
3) unfolding shouldn't select the block (why is that useful anyway? at least, make it configurable)
4) make it less buggy (i.e. if I create new file, then save it - I'll get the folding blocks, then if I'll add a new block, it won't be foldable - see http://i.imgur.com/b8PKB.png)