Running multiple "subl" commands to different paths don't reuse the same window.

Andreas Richter 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

When running the "subl" command on the same path it always opens a new windows containing the file rather than using the existing project already pointing to that path. It works correctly for files. For example

running "subl ." and then "subl views/somefile.html" will use the same window that "subl ." opened up.

However running "subl ." a second time will open a new window even though that project is already open. Probably a small thing, but I have run into it a few times while just evaluating sublime. I am switching from bbedit which does do this correctly.

I would really like to see this done as well.  I have a downloader tool that automatically opens up bundles of diagnostics data once the download completes.  If I download updates, it always opens up a new window.
I also noticed that the close window command i.e. Cmd-W on the Mac closes all tabs one at a time, but after all tabs are closed then Cmd-W should close the whole window, but it doesn't. Did someone request this to no longer happen? I recall it used to.