Chinese Input for Mac is broken under Full Screen mode

Shenyang Zhao 9 years ago updated by lol 4 years ago 1

Hi, I'm testing sublime text 2 and find it's a great text editor. However there's a bug of inputting Chinese character on Mac. Input Chinese in sublime text 2 on Mac has no problem at the beginning, however after I switch to full screen mode or distraction free mode, I can't input Chinese anymore, even if I switch back to normal mode.

To describe the problem more clearly, I think it's better to explain how we input Chinese. We type Latin alphabet, the input method accept them and list many possible Chinese phrases according to what we type. After we make a selection, the input method "paste" what we select into the text editor. So the input method act like a buffer between our inputs and the text editor. Now if I switch to the full screen mode, the buffer seems to disappear. What I type immediately go to the text editor so what I get is latin alphabetic instead of Chinese characters.

I hope it can be solved so I can input Chinese in distraction mode! Again many thanks to this great text editor!

Five years later.. it seems that not soloved lol