multiline quoted literals highlighting and autocomplete

U.N. 9 years ago 0

Currently, quoted literals are treated somewhat incorrectly in regard to auto-completion. E.g. in php:

mysql_query('SELECT id FROM test WHERE id IN()');

Typing `'` within the `IN()` brackets behaves as expected. The literal string is also highlighted. However, if one has the exact same literal, spanning across several lines, things stop working:


            SELECT id
            FROM test
            WHERE id IN()

Highlighting no longer works. Typing `'` withing `IN()` brackets does not insert matching `'`. If one types in the second `'` manually, it is auto-completed this time around, resulting in `IN(' '')`.

Basically, this results in editing larger strings extremely inconvenient. The example query is short, but imagine it having 5 joins -- it would get extremely large, and editing it as a one-liner would be a pain.

Same goes for C multiline literals.