select dashed separated words on double click

Asa Williams 8 years ago updated by Travis Roberts 8 years ago 2
When you double click on a word that is dashed separated (this-is-dashed-separated) it selects the entire word.  This would be really helpful for html/css.  The biggest reason for not using dashes in css is for this reason. Many popular libs (twitter's bootstrap) use dashes and it would make web dev's lives a lot easier.
I'd also like to see this addition. Maybe do something like TextMate, where it allows you to specify (via preferences) what characters would be included in a selection when you double-click. That way, the user can add extra variables (like the $ sign if they use PHP, or the @ sign if they use Ruby/Rails).
Actually, I just found this article , which points to solving the problem. It's a variable called "word_separators" in Sublime Text 2 > Preferences > Settings - Default

Super simple!