Cmd-C does not copy on the first keystroke

Les Stroud 12 years ago updated by Emma Davis 11 years ago 5
Intermittently (multiple times a week), copy and paste do not work on the first keystroke. ST seems to get into a state where this occurs.  It seems to go away when the app is restarted.  

When it is in this state, I'll select text and hit Cmd-C.  Then, when pasting I get the content of the previous entry on the clipboard.  I can work around by hitting Cmd-C multiple times before pasting.

When it is not in this 'state', it seems to work fine. :(  It also worked for a number of months without fail.  I'll try to capture the log output next time it occurs.
This is still happening on build 2207.  I have verified using the console that the command does not log until the second key press.  Any ideas how I can see what's happening to the first?
I've been getting this same behavior for the past few weeks as well and its the only thing I don't like about sublime text. All I can think of is that this is perhaps due to one of the plugins I have installed, since I don't remember it happening at the very onset. Now to go back through dozens of plugins and see which one causes the issue? This behavior also happens on Cmd-X as well. Its like it doesn't see that first keystroke.
My guess is that some plugin has key bindings where a key combination that starts with super+c is used.

Open up a terminal and run the following command and you'll see which one it is:

find ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/ -name "*.sublime-keymap" -exec grep -H "\"super+c\"" {} \; 

i still have this probbb.

the terminal commands show

{ "keys": ["super+c"], "command": "copy" }


{ "keys": ["super+k", "super+c"], "command": "show_at_center" },

which totally makes sense. i noticed that i can't cmd+c until "xx characters selected" appears and then disappears. the show-at-center thang is totally blocking stuff! i'm on build 2210


I have also been struggling with this issue and the only way around it that I have just found is to re-declare the key binding in my User Keys Bindings file - seems to work fine now. Hope this helps others.