Hide folder or files from search but not from sidebar, per project.

Adriano Resende 4 years ago updated by Cristian Yáñez 3 years ago 1

I not found for this solution, if exist this feature, what is best way for to hide files or folder from search but not from sidebar, per project (.sublime-project) ?

In Stack Overflow, Jay say:

For Sublime Text 3: To exclude from search and GoTo results, without removing from the sidebar, change the "binary_file_patterns" setting. Matches files AND folders.

I can't figure out how to implement this on a per-project basis :(. Most settings can be moved to a project.sublime-project file. "Project > Save Project As", save it the root of your project, and add "settings": {...} to the json in the generated file. (from source, works as of ST3 build 3095). But does not work with "binary_file_patterns".
More detail: http://stackoverflow.com/a/25904115/868003

I haven't either, would be super useful.