Rectangular block selection capability (in addition to multiple cursors)

William Payne 12 years ago 0

Whilst the ST2 multiple cursors feature is excellent in it's own right, (and indeed superior in many respects) I still find myself missing the 'feel' of the rectangular selection tool that I used to use (frequently) in Textpad back when I used a Win32 development machine.

When I started using ST2, I was not sure if I was simply not used to multiple cursors, but I have been using ST2 for over 6 months now, and I still miss the old rectangular selection mode, so I have now come to the conclusion that it actually offers something that multiple cursors do not.

I do love multiple cursors; but a rectangular selection mode a-la-Textpad would be a welcome addition.

(I used it to help edit and vertically align code, parameter blocks, and CSV data files).