Navigate or filter project file/directory by typing

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Currently you can search for a file or folder in your project by right-clicking on a folder and searching within it.

It would be really handy in very large projects to be able to navigate or filter the list of files and folders simply by highlighting the project pane and typing.

For example, in the following hierarchy:
  a -> b -> c.txt

If everything were collapsed, I could type "a", right arrow, "b", right arrow, "c." and c.txt would be highlighted. At that point I could hit <enter> and open that file in a new tab.

Another option would be the ability to filter the entire list by supplying a keyword. This is very helpful if I know a portion of the name of the file I want and it's several directories deep.

Using the same example as above, I could press "/" (to enter filter mode), then a small text box would appear. I'd type "c.txt" and the project hierarchy is flattened showing only the "c.txt" file, which is selected. I can then press <enter> to load it in a new tab. Or if there are several matches, I can use the arrow keys to move between them before choosing the one I want. Of course in that case there needs to be some indication of the directory it's in.

The "Go to anything" (cmd+P) command currently does what you're asking for.
Ah! I had a feeling that was going to happen. Thanks! :)