File association

Andrew Smith 8 years ago updated by chip siskey 8 years ago 2
I intend to try out sublime text across a number of machines as a replacement to Notepad++. 

I have previously associated a variety of text files (xml, csv, css, html, js, txt, log...) with Notepad++ and now I have to go through the following process with each file type:

  1. Double click my log file (or other)
  2. find it opens with notepad++
  3. close file
  4. right click -> open with .. > sublime text & tick 'always use sublime txt'
It's really slowed down my adoption of sublime text as a text editor. I know it's *very* annoying when *some* applications do this (I'm looking at Windows Media Player here) but in this case I feel it would be totally justified.

I agree, some kind of manual "associate files with these extensions" function somewhere, maybe even just in the installer, would be desirable. 

Also, at least on my Win7 box, for some reason ST2 doesn't show up in the standard list of text editors where you normally see Notepad, Wordpad, et al. This might be another useful adjustment that the installer could make/guarantee for us.

Normally, I view this kind of missing item as a "fatal flaw"... I mean why would you NOT do it? 

But after about 60s with the program i could see that it was going to be as good as or better than uestudio for 80-90% of what i used that program for AND be not as cluttered or ugly. So i'll live with it.