hex rgb color code hightlight

Markus Falk 8 years ago updated by Liam Cain 8 years ago 1
I would like for sublime to hightlight hex and rgb colors in the code with the corresponding color like the the following html/css example shows :)


code {color: #000, background-color: #ff0000}

the example is just to demonstrate what I mean what sublime should do ...

don't know if I explained it the way I mean it. goal is to let me see what colors look like while writing code :)
Someone made a plugin to do this: https://github.com/a-sk/sublime-css-colors.  The code is very hackish but you can try it out.  Essentially, it is dynamically creating new colorschemes to highlight to colors.  It would definitely help if one could specify the color of a highlight via the api.