project-wide completion

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What about project-wide completion for the verbose language or framework like Zend Framework.
I'm no expert at this area, but isn't this a much bigger project than possible by one man?
What do you mean ?

I just ask about feature on Sublime text. I'm a web developer, and I'm looking for an editor like Netbeans but not in Java. ;)
I spend much time coding with Zend Framework, and auto completion is a very important feature for me. It have to complete even the class and methods i create in other file. That's what i mean when i speak about 'project wide completion'
Yeah, what I'm saying is I don't think you understand how big of project it is to make project wide completion.
As far as I know, Sublime Text is one man project by Jon Skinner.
I think this isn't in the realm of text editor but in IDE.
Jon already implemented an API for auto completion. Someone else can now build the proper data flow for Zend or whatever you use. But as Jeff already mentioned, a good completion is a big project for its own. Perhaps you try to find another project which already does this for e.g. Zend and try to integrate the lib into Sublime using the auto completion API.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't implementation of this feature likely to largely be a case of implementing symbol parsing for project files?

As mentioned, there is already an API for autocompletion - it just only displays tooltips for builtins (which IMHO makes it a little bit useless). It is also not relevant to the context of the caret (showing the autocomplete dialog after typing an object or class name still just lists global function names), but I suppose one feature is linked to the other.

If the engine could parse project files and work out the available members, perhaps read method header comments, perhaps even follow dependencies and parse them out too - then perfect.

Anyway, +vote
Also I really want to have support of CodeIgniter (php framework)!
this page in the newly released docs talks about scripting completions and what that engine can do.

perhaps this is what we've been waiting for?