Gutter in distraction-free should be next to text, not all the way to left of screen

chocolate camera 12 years ago updated by Jacob Magnusson 11 years ago 1
The gutter's position should change according to the Word Wrap Column's size, falling right to the left where the text starts..

When enabling the gutter and line numbers in distraction-free mode, the gutter appears all the way to the left of the screen, whereas the text area's width, way shorter than the screen's, is centered. As a result, line numbers are disconnected from the text they refer to. Numbers should be next to the text, not far away.

Considering the point is focusing ones' attention, having line numbers so far away from the line they refer to does not help the purpose.

Agreed. It looks kinda weird and it's hard to associate each line of code to their respective line numbers.