Please make the sidebar not accept "front-clicks"

Joe Zobkiw 7 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 7 years ago 1
When ST2 is in the background and you click it to make it become the frontmost app, that click is passed-thru to the UI and causes the sidebar to change selections and potentially the currently displayed file. It would be nice if these clicks were ignored in that regard and ONLY brought the app to the front.

Personally, using dual monitors, I prefer the current behavior of the window activation click being passed through to the UI. At most I think this should be an option that is off by default since most applications also pass such clicks through to their UIs.

If you're using Windows, you could write a simple AutoHotKey script to get the behavior you describe for ST2 (or any/all apps). Search or ask on the AHK forums, it would only be about 3 lines of AHK code.