A way via Sublime API to tap into file tabs

JD Isaacks 7 years ago updated by Ross Isenegger 7 years ago 2

The most request feature for my popular GitGutter plugin is a way to identify files that have been changed with some visual indicator in the file tab (Or in the file name in the side bar.)

I would like there to be a way to either color the text differently in the file tab, or color the file tab differently itself. It would be nice if this was setup in a way similar to coloring regions, only this region would be the file tab. It would even be cooler if you could specify an icon to show in the file tab just like you can when setting regions.

It would be really *really* nice if when you set this region for a particular file, it not only altered the appearance of the file tab, but the appearance of the file when listed in the side bar.

I would use this API to improve GitGutter. Right now, you can see what changes are in your selected file, but if many files have been changed, there is no way to quickly visually determine which files. So I would make GitGutter add a *region* (or what have you) to identify which files are new/modified (deleted files would just be gone) since your last git commit.

I completely agree, its really annoying to have to back and forth between the editor and a CLI just to see which files have been modified. +1

This would be really helpful for lots of applications.  For example, all files that exceeded a certain maximum file size could be flagged in some way on the tab and/or sidebar