Tana Goldfields News - Now's Your Chance to Own an Entire Gold Mining Ghost Town

Garry Wharley 6 years ago in Plugin announcements 0

Now's Your Chance to Own an Entire Gold Mining Ghost Town

Need to expand your property portfolio? Ever dreamed of owning your very own ghost town? Get excited, because the old mining town of Seneca, California just went up for sale, complete with a gold mine, three cabins, and a working distillery. You really can buy anything on Craigslist.

Once home to a thriving community of gold miners, Seneca, formerly known as North Fork, is a 12 acre plot of land in Plumas County, California that has been slowly drying up since the post office closed in 1943. Sure, it once hosted the "Woodstock of the West" for thousands of people in the 70's, but gone are the hotels, casinos, and feed stores that once made up the booming town.

Still standing, however, are a number of cabins, a working gin distillery (with liquor license!), one of the oldest restaurants in the area, and even a defunct opium den still exists within the mine built by Chinese workers. Sound enticing? It can all be yours for just a quarter of a million dollars.

If you think the asking price of $225,000 is a little steep, consider this: the largest gold nugget discovered in Seneca was 43 ounces in weight. With today's gold prices, that's worth $414,763.10 - almost enough to buy yourself a second ghost town. Or a fully stocked opium den.