Prose with Ease

Hamish 7 years ago 0
I'm a writer not a coder but Scrivener on Linux (still in beta) is not yet able to handle the number of files and the sizes that I'm working with.  Sublime Text can, though it lacks a few of the basic features that would make it just as useful.  I'm not talking about the text formatting, which really gets in the way anyway and can be done in a word processor/LaTex later.  But being able to compile and export files as EPUB / PDF / concatenated txt, also being able to arrange the different txt files into a tree structure and also being able to edit them in a continuous draft.  Sublime Text is great as it opens instantly, I can work with thousands of fragments at once, but there does not seem to be anyway of ordering these.  Also it is hard to find specific settings and resources, tutorials solely for the prose writer....make all this a bit easier, or even have another version without any of the coding tools, and you'll have a whole new market....