Set a Custom Default Icon

drew covi 8 years ago updated by Hans Czajkowski Jørgensen 7 years ago 2
A way to set a new default Icon (not overwritten on updates) would be really nice. Discussion here:


I've used Sublime Text now for a little over a year, and I've always felt that the icon didn't really say a whole lot about what Sublime Text actually does. I've seen a lot of basic icons that show the letter, and a lot of copies of the button theme, and even a few that show markup. 

For me I wanted to start with what Sublime Text means to me. 

It's a building tool. It creates the foundation, and so I liked the idea of blocks, and I liked the idea of abstracting the "S" a little bit. So after a few months of dwelling on it, I felt inspired to take a crack at it and I'd like to submit it to everyone if you're interested.

I started with basic blocks, and refined through a number of steps.

and finally landed on something like this.

This icon has been saved out at HiDPI resolution as well


And in .ico

ico: http://cl.ly/3x172V2O2V1a0A2B2K0b

Enjoy, and feedback welcome of course. I'd love to take some ideas and run with them.

This one is my favourite so far. It really stands out in the dock. Thanks.

Excellent icon. +1 user here :)

It would be interesting to hear about your process and tools used in making it.