Road to Wellness Less Travelled by Jennifer Shearin Group Wellness Coaching

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With the upsurge of the wellness industry in the past thirty years, more and more people are living well-balanced and active lives. And as the essential medical knowledge and practices improve even more, we can look forward to more people living up to a hundred years or more, something which was apparently a common thing in ancient times. In certain parts of the world, such as Thailand, Spain, Japan, France and the US, where we can find the most number of centenarians, dietary and lifestyle habits are commonly investigated and emulated as effective means of achieving not just long-life but for maintaining a sense of well-being.

Jennifer Shearin provides a valuable list of how one can attain wellness, and, it follows, a long and happy life. She does not tell her readers to do all, of course. One only has to choose those that fit one’s budget and other conveniences in life.

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