Price point

Phil 7 years ago updated by Gerard Caulfield 7 years ago 1

Have you tried different price points? (I'm sure you have, but i'm curious as to why).  $70 seems an awful lot for an (albeit amazing) text editor.  I'd buy this with a smile on my face for $30, but $70 is simply too much.


Phil is not the only one who doesn't agree that $70 is a good price, there are others:

I work with a lot of other developers (all Windows users) who I introduced to Sublime Text and they really liked it until they asked how much it was.

Maybe even a pay what you want model (like the Humble Indy Bundle) would work well for this. That way you would end up getting many more purchases and I think most would give you a price that is fair based on the what they earn with the use of your software.

There are a lot of rich devs out there who would probably pay $200 or even much higher, however there are many more in places like India who could not afford to pay $70 and so would never end up buying a licence.

Just a thought.