Project folders do not update when accessing Samba share in Windows

Andy Jarrell 8 years ago updated by Stratigos 7 years ago 2

Project folders require a manual update for the contents to be viewed.  This seemed to  have been introduced in 2.0.  Please see this technical support discussion.


Having same issue. Im assuming many people are as its easy to search google and find lots of reports of the same issue on various websites (sublimetext.com, stackoverflow, etc).

For me it seems to refresh successfully if I am within the same session on my operating system (ie havent logged out, restarted, shut down, etc). If I have recently booted or logged in, all of my open files display no data, and cant be refreshed. I have edited some user preferences and edited my samba config to no avail.

The only thing that seems to work is to load Nautilus (im on Ubuntu 12.04), and view the samba share once. Then opening ST2 will display my folder as empty, but it can be refreshed. This is tolerable. Without first "touching" the samba share via Nautilus or otherwise, SB2 wont be able to refresh this folder, and I have to reload my project (which is an intolerable PITA and I dont want to pay for this nice software until issues like this are resolved).