Find and replace improvements: git grep and Vintage mode compatibility

Tom Scott 8 years ago updated by Thomas Wright 7 years ago 1
I think the "Find and Replace" panel could be improved in a few different ways:

  1. I would definitely like an option to use the `git grep` command as it's much faster to search through the entire project.
  2. Currently, one has to type in the absolute path of the folder to your project in the include filter, if you'd like to search just within a specific folder. Why is this necessary? Is there a way we could have an option to use a relative path? I've never needed to search an outside folder on my machine from within my current project.... 
  3. If it's not too difficult, I'd also like a Vintage mode shortcut for getting into and manipulating the find/replace panel. It would be awesome if `%s/../..` and `s/../..` would open and enter data into find/replace dialog, with the omitted "%" triggering the full path of the current file to be injected into the open files filter (middle input).
I really love this product, it's keeping me away from using MacVim/Vim entirely (which is nice, but missing some stuff I've grown quite fond of in Sublime), but there are some areas where it definitely could improve. I hope by my purchase, you guys will continue to have at least some funding to build this awesome editor, that I really enjoy using. Thanks!
These are also all features I would love to have.