keybinding/settings reference for ST2

Steve Attila Kopiás 7 years ago 0

Where can I find a complete reference for keybindings and settings? 

I've already found a lot of forum comments with "insert this into your settings file" that helped in some of my problems, but right now when I tried to find the proper "context" value for the caret being in one of the groups in split view, I found nothing. (Currently I'd like to be able to move a file around in a 2x2 view with alt+ctrl+left/right/up/down and to be able to do that, I need to define different rules for every group.) And by nothing I mean not even an unexplained list with all the usable contextes. ST2 is advertised as being completely customizable which I found really promising, but without a complete reference those possibilities not already in the default files, are kind of unusable... It's okay if ST2 isn't able to do something (like my example above) but making me roam the internetz for hours trying to find some maybe not even existing (I may never know) information just doesn't seem like a good situation...