File actions in sidebar should focus on footer dialog field

ybakos 13 years ago updated by Steve Jalim 13 years ago 1
I think this one might be a regression/bug, as I believe the behavior used to be different. I'm running ST2 on OSX.

When I right click a file in the sidebar to rename, it seems that the footer dialog field doesn't have focus. If I start typing, nothing happens; I must click on the, say, "New Name" field in order to continue my intent of renaming the file.

It would be great if I could just "start typing" in the footer dialog's field.

Yep, I get this too, also on OSX. The focus caret is in the correct place, but ST2 doesn't apply input keystrokes to it (indeed, i'm not sure where they go -- at least it doesn't mess with any open tabs, as far as I can tell)