Select pasted text

Vincent Robert 7 years ago updated by Colin von Heuring 6 years ago 3
When I paste some text, I often need to change it a little bit (indent, transform). Since selection is destroyed by pasting, it would be nice to actually select the pasted text after the Paste command.

 As I just found out earlier today, you can use the 'Paste and Indent' function with Shift+Ctrl+V to adjust the indentation automatically. Depending on what is around the paste position, it seems to work quite well in most cases.

Still, having the pasted snippet selected automatically after pasting would be useful in my opinion, if only to making the 'new stuff' easily recognizable. :)

I agree that Paste and Indent is a good feature but sometimes, I need to do some additional work on pasted text like do a specific replacement, split selection into lines, etc.


I also frequently need to make small changes after I paste.  Also, Paste and Indent doesn't work very well in Python.