Better Open File / Goto Anything

Markus Haider 8 years ago updated by dawgfoto 7 years ago 4
It would be great, if one could open any file (not only files already opened before) by just writing the path into Goto Anything (ctrl+p). Furthermore, the files in the current directory (given to Goto Anything) should be listed (with less priority then open files). Helpful would also be a tab-completion when going through directories, e.g. when I write "/home/test/D" a tab should complete it to "/home/test/Desktop"
This would be sweet, but the challenge is that Sublime caches the file system in order to make Goto Anything snappy. Caching the entire filesystem would make Goto Anything return to many false-positives. It should be doable if you only Goto files not in your project when the begining of your Goto query matches the root of your file system "/" on linux "{driveletter}:\" on Windows. 

Tab completion would definitely make this feature awesome.  I currently have to go to the command line to get this functionality. Great idea.
Yeah, perhaps if user anchored the path with / (absolute path, unix example) or ./ (relative path) Sublime could detect this and switch from matching cache to shell-like directory/file name matching with tab-completion. (Perhaps even case-insensitive, like what you can configure in zsh and tcsh.)

+1 for something like emacs's IDO