ransom 9 years ago 0


{ "trigger": "input", "contents": "<input>" },

it's not really enough see: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_forms.asp

No hints on: <input type="{ctr+space}" />

Format should include: <input />

to be self closing and more xhtml compliant

{ "trigger": "input", "contents": "<input type=\"$SELECTION$1\" name=\"$2\"value=\"$3\" />" },

would be a good start to a replacement.

inputtext selecting text before hitting tab would then work. Must be done backwards, Forwards selection from first T to last T in text for example should work as well but will fail.  Control+section should work in thought and doesn't in practice.

input.test text should also work but doesn't. 

I know this could be more than one bug report but it's a bit related and I'm tired.