libgio version < 2.26 in Debian Stable / Squeeze

Scott Dunlop 9 years ago updated by Fernandes 9 years ago 2
Debian 6.0.0, "Squeeze" has an older libgio implementation than Sublime Text requires for single instance support.

Barring a solution in Sublime Text, users may be able to solve the issue by "apt-pinning" libglib2.0-0 from the "testing" repositories. See http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html for a tutorial on using apt pinning.
Not exactly a bug, more a suggestion for a FAQ item for Sublime Text 2; keep up the great work.

I'm currently using sublime text 2 build 2060, and it's fantastic... except for this problem.

I'm using ubuntu 10.04 LTS release and it's libgio is also < 2.26.  So i'm forced to drag files into the window or open them via the open dialog box instead of via the console which is quite a productivity drain.

As one commenter said, it's not a bug, but Ubuntu 10.04 is barely over a year old and sublime doesn't have this feature present because of the "outdated" libgio.