Sublime to android platform

Dmitriy Medved 8 лет назад обновлен Robert Schalk 7 лет назад 2
It would be very convenient to have such an application in a tablet. Whether it will release an application for Android??  

With the Asus Transformer and the HP Slatebook x2 Android is starting to emerge as a viable laptop/hybrid platform.

Given its success in smartphones, and despite a lack of tablet-optimised apps, I have to say that Android looks like a more viable Linux-for-everyone than any of the alternatives, Ubuntu included.

However, Android development is not yet self-hosted. I would like to see ST on Android and am up-voting this suggestion, but I suspect that ST on Android will only really be sensible when Android is self-hosting its app development toolchain.

The only wrong wrong with Sublime Text... is nothing. I want to use it on a tablet. Sublime Text's auto-completion and snippets would be THE answer for slow cumbersome entry on tiny keyboards and virtual keyboards. I'm suprised this has so few votes.?.

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