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Omme Perrt 7 years ago 0

The success of our Clients
Our clients through our projects experiencing measurable business results, such as an increase in rankings or awards for exceptional quality. Deutsche Bank: ranked Friendly Bank NEWSWEEK, increased its position from 22 to 7th place . Polish Airlines: best airline in Central and Eastern Europe, in the category of high standards of customer service . DB Schenker: emblem Investor in Human Capital . Financial House QS: The Golden Customer Laurel in 2008, 2009 and 2010. comprehensively support our clients in the areas of our expertise with the client move the process . We carry out projects from managing change, implementing staff analysis of potential employees in the required fields (such as internal coaches), managing the design team creating Standards Manual, to the training. Ethics is a core value for us We teach only those methods of communication with customers and coaching that are transparent ethically. They have no manipulation, tricks and activities designed to create a one-off effect. kind of work we know our customers are reliable for the participants, because we know their work (almost) as good as they do! Why? We achieve this by the fact that one of the first stages of a project is always a clear understanding of the specifics of project participants. We look at their work, learn about the products, the tools they use, talk with them and their clients. Training is always exactly based on the daily realities of the work of the participants, based on the specific products and topics of conversation that they face every day. More energy implementation activities! Our customers expect us to effect this consistency and discipline Implementation causes permanent changes. We do not give customers peace after the end of training. We know that acquiring new knowledge and skills is more attractive than the consistent application of its work. However, the latter gives a real return and ensure success.

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